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Believing that nature is the best creator of beauty, we curate products with naturally derived ingredients only.

We add ingredients that are plant-based, non-petroleum mineral, water or other natural resources which contains more than 50% of the molecule.

Our commitment is to deliver effective plant-based products that are kinder to your skin.

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Alga aromatic nectar is created in our in-house Botanical Lab and specialized distillers which allows us to extract our aromatic nectars. Due to the creativity of our experts and the quality of our plant-based ingredients, they smell pure and simple but they're very complex, that's what makes them unique.

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Alga’s Remedy

Nectar And Apothecary

We believe every beauty product should make you feel as beautiful as you look. To help promote this sense of well-being, our products feature the best aromatic nectars formulated through the art and science of apothecary.

Created in our Botanical Aroma Lab, our nectars are artful blends of flower and plant extracts, distilled to their very essence and spirit to awaken your senses with true nature's potential.

Our apothecary roots enable aestheticians to blend encapsulated powerful nectar drawn from nature and unique formula created with science to bring pure, fresh and effective products.

Alga Nectar Bee Alga’s Remedy Nectar And Apothecary

Alga Nectar Process

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The science behind our products is inspired by the journey of a bee that begins with a bee visiting around 150-200 flowers in a single trip, collecting nectar and pollen. Using its straw-like proboscis, it drinks the liquid nectar from a flower and stores it in a special organ called the honey stomach.

A process called Inversion takes place where the bees use its enzymes and proteins to break down complex sugars of nectar into simple ones that are less prone to crystallization which is stored in heaves by millions of bees.

Similar to what bees do, when the time of harvest arrives, we derive nectar from various flowers and break them down to simple absorbable compounds which are used in our products, giving the products incredible medicinal properties.



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Alga Nectar Process
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